Association G7-servers

A French non-profit association governed by the 1901 law

A French association that has exported its know-how abroad and a use of the latest technologies to your disposition.

Who are we ?

The quality of hosting your games is a key element in the image that you / your team will want to send back to other players.

All our services are based on identical criteria. We strive to bring you the latest powerful technical solutions to ensure quality service.

At G7-servers, we do not make promises that we can not keep. We realize what we say.

Sébastien, CEO of the French G7-servers association

A powerful manager ...
... home made

Developing ourselves the Manager allows us to bring you a great flexibility in the technologies that we put in place to allow you to better manage your services. You're sure to have the latest technology at your service.

Speed and power

A high-performance service to host your game servers! You can count on our 100% managed infrastructure

Just one word
Simplicity !

Because not everybody is an experienced IT guy, everyone does not have the same IT skills, we are looking to develop tools that « speak » to everyone, that everyone can use the same way but especially in the most simple way !

Community documentation
A website dedicated to documentation !

A documentary space 100% dedicated to the documentation of our services. Because it's not easy to have the right documentation for each person, that's why, every question asked on a support channel, we ask ourselves whether the documentation we have in place is complete or not.