The G7-servers association


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the board of directors

G7-servers is a non-profit organization governed by the 1901 law and the decree of August 16, 1901.

The association was founded in October 2013 by three people passionate about IT, some of whom work in this domain.

Its goal is :

  • learning the different technologies of the Internet and IT
  • sharing knowledge around Internet and IT

These activities and services are resold to provide a service.


A person using the services of the association is considered a client.

A person who has joined the association through the payment of his membership is considered a member.

There are two types of members :

  • Legal persons
  • Individuals

Then there are different categories of members :

  • honorary member
  • benefactors member
  • partner member
  • member

Only members have a say in the management and administration of the association.

Despite the fact that the association intends to sell its services to people residing in France as well as to people outside France, membership is reserved only for people residing in France.

Who are the volunteers ?

Volunteers are members who have volunteered to donate their time for free to the association. They provide help that can be of many forms such as helping other people in difficulty on the forum or on the support ticket system or write documentation. For members who are more comfortable with IT systems, they can be of great help in the system administration (updating our infrastructure for example) or help us in the development of the site and/or Manager.

Any help, any contribution, whatever the nature, is welcome !

Please note that the association does not pay any salary and that all your interlocutors are volunteers. Thank you to take it into account during your exchanges with us. We strive to provide you with quality service but it is within the limits of our availability.

Board of directors

The association is run by a board of directors of at least three members who are elected by a General Assembly which takes place every year. However, the election of the members of the board of directors takes place only every two years. The three types of members being a member of the board of directors are :

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

To ensure the proper functioning of the association and at the request of the Board of Directors, the General Assembly can elect more people.


In order to allow the execution of the various services offered by the G7-servers association, we have at our disposal various resources that can be :
  • The amount of membership fees
  • Sales and services provided to members and clients
  • Donations
  • State subsidies
  • All the resources that the law allows us

As provided for by the 1901 law on associations, these resources can not be redistributed to members. They are immediately reinjected into the association to ensure the proper functioning of the association and an optimal level of service to customers.